Renata Buckner Dowdell

On your mark…Get Ready…Get Set…Go!! If taking off and moving forward in your life is your desire, then Renata Lenore Dowdell is the coach for you! Her words are filled with energy and her heart is filled with passion. No longer should you wonder if there is anyone in the world who cares about humanity. No longer should you wonder if there is anyone in the world who has the heart of God for the youth. No longer should you wonder if there is anyone who is not afraid to serve without looking for anything in return. It is all found here at “Motivation in Motion”. Birthed out of a desire to motivate and galvanize those individuals in her community to move forward, Renata made a commitment to breathe life back into the youth and the parents of the West Point, GA community. Seeing the need to reach down into the souls of the youth through the power of her words, she answered the call to become the mouthpiece of God and speak words of positivity and power into anyone who would listen.

Before long, she began to see the fruit of her labor. Those who had once walked with their heads down began to walk upright. Those who had given up on their dreams and visions had begun to step out and pursue with passion. Those who had no words left to say began to open their mouths and speak. Motivating was no longer something that she did…it was who she was. No one has a greater commitment to making an impact on this world and leaving a legacy of prevailing positivity than Renata. If you are interested in experiencing the energizing power of positivity, please contact her at at any time.


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